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WORKFLOW che seguirò per la realizzazione tutti i personaggi e le ambienti di valore...
1 reserarch references (films, games, romances, graphic novel) .
Select a character and study the physical aspect that it transmits through:  Constitution and posture, exploiting what the character has within itself of staff. The same process also happens with the no-animated objects, taking care of the details that compose it, from the materials, their wear and their history that it is important to imagine in order to give them character.

2 Realize the base shapes in speed, 5 or 10. Done this study the details as they are made so you can structure the 3d project in different parts then modular.

3 Make the final draft before you start the 3d model.

4 Now start a sketchy model lowpoly/Dynamesh that takes the maximum and minimum forms. From this point on it is a matter of calmly finishing each subtool. Until the Hypoly model can be considered finished

5 Following the 3dmodel is finished (without treating the …
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